Corona SDK Cross-Platform Mobile App


Corona SDK is a cross-platform framework for mobile app development. Corona using Lua programing language to build games, ebooks, utilities or business apps. Corona SDK starter is free download.

Corona SDK have cloud service, vibrant community and sample educational resource to help us developers create applications for ios, android, kondle, and nook.

Some of the benefits of using a corona to make apps
1. Develop apps 10x faster
2. Go cross-platform with ease
3. Leverage industry standart
4. Forget fragmentation
5. Publish and monetize
6. Enjoy ultimate flexibility
7. Take Adventage of Corona’s thriving ecosystem
8. Publishing with Corona is Free

After download Corona SDK we will get sdk + corona simulator  to install it,

We can tray to make New Project or start with Sample Apps, for this time let’s see in to Sample Apps. And the we can see much sample apps with their category from corona sdk.

choose one of them to make their show up in to simulator like this screenshot

To compile this app to android just click File > Build for Android
and then configure it with information about this apps

corona simulator will connect to their server to build android apps with cloud services.
So you must connected with internet to do it

* happy code ^^


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